Monday, March 14, 2011

Cool Discorvery At Local Comic Book Store

Going to my local comic book store, Comic Carnival, I stubbled upon a new game that I really enjoyed.

South Side Indy if you're wondering

It's a deck building centered around the Resident Evil universe.

Table top gaming is probably one of my favorite ways to game, seeing as there is a huge variety of them.

There are miniture figure games, card games, and so many more.

But I've played few games like the Resident Evil Deck Building Game.

Made by Bandai, who also makes the Naruto Collectable Card Game, the game focuses on exploring "The Mansion" which of course has zombies in them.

To explore "The Mansion" you have to pick a character from a roaster of 10 characters. The roaster includes characters from Resident Evil such as: Leon S. Kennedy, Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, and Ada Wong.

In the game you have to purchase items such as guns, health, and more ammo, to kill each type of zombie.

Each time you purchase an item it goes in your deck, hence building your deck.

So your deck is you inventory and the better your inventory, the more likely it is that you will survive.

Everytime you kill a zombie you obtain that zombie as a decoration. After your character obtains a certain amount of decorations you gain special abilities that can be used to help you in gameplay.
Everything in that tiny box

The Resident Evil Deck Building Game has many different game modes to play like its video game counterpart. Game modes include Story Mode, Mercenaries, and Verus Mode.

It is a game geared towards playing in a group of 2-4 people, but there is one single player option, Story Mode.

For $30 you can purchase the entire game, that means you wont have to buy ANYTHING else to play. Which I think is a sweet deal.

There will be expansions to the game that you will be able to purchase later on that will expanded the game and include story arcs from the Resident Evil video games.

It is rumored that Raccoon City will be the next expansion.

Overall I would give the Resident Evil Deck Building Game an 8/10.

If you're in the Indianapolis area and comic books and table top gaming are things that you enjoy I highly reccomend checking out Comic Carnival.

With four locations around the Indianapolis area, Comic Carnival sells an aray of things that have to deal with comics and their culture.

The location I visit is Comic Carnival South, which is near Greenwood, Southside Indianapolis.

Their staff is very knowledgeable about everything in the store and are very friendly.

The store host a variety of events for games like, Heroclix, Naruto, to name a few. Just ask the staff for the date and times that they hold the events.

So if you're in the area check it out, it is worth the visit. 

Comic Carnival South Info- Address - 7311 U.S. 31 Indianapolis, IN 46227
 Phone- 317-889-8899 
Hours of Operation-    
Monday through Thursday
11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
12:00 PM –6:00 PM
An Interiew with Bandai Rep that explans the game Resident Evil Deck Building Game-


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