Friday, February 18, 2011

Dead Space 2 is not for the faint at heart

What do you fear? The dark? Small spaces? Being alone?
 Visceral Games has done it again with "Dead Space 2" incorporating all these elements and more.
 "Dead Space 2", released at the end of January, is an amazing sci-fi survival horror game that you will actually fear when playing.
 With all the hype that the game has been brewing over the past year, I didn’t know if Visceral could make a bigger, scarier and more mind blowing sequel.
 But it did.
 The game begins as hero Isaac Clarke is woken up from a 3-year coma on the Sprawl, a space station on Titian, one of the moons of Saturn.
 You are thrown right into the action when you are woken up.
 Throughout the game you are haunted by your dead girlfriend, Nicole, and let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a dead ex?
 She serves as the story’s main antagonist and haunts Isaac as she tries to break him down mentally.
I can see why Isaac liked her.
 "Dead Space 2" does a great job retelling the events from the first game.
 On the single player menu is an option to look back at the events of the first installment of "Dead Space." You don’t necessarily have to play the original, but I highly recommend it because it's a great game and you'll understand "Dead Space 2" better.
 This time around, Isaac has a voice, unlike the first installment.
 Giving him a voice only adds to the game as it makes the story more intriguing because you can actually hear what he thinks about situations.
 The voice actor Visceral chose does a great job. His voice is entertaining, fun and does a great job at depicting the intensity of situations in the game.
 Gameplay has greatly improved from the first installment.
 Controls are fluid with no lag from either Isaac or the necromorphs, who are the zombie-like aliens that you fight in the game.
The game is fast-paced from start to finish and will have you watching your back as enemies come from all directions. The action really makes this game survival horror.
 You are constantly running out of ammo for a gun you need in certain situations. You will be fighting for your life.
 "Dead Space 2" as a game is also visually appealing.
 The environments are all spectacular and big. If you have time to stop and look, it is very impressive. The Sprawl is a creepy environment that will spook you as you walk around and wait to be attacked.
 But the thing that makes this game creepy and scary are the sounds heard throughout.
 They set the entire mood of the game and will make your heart race as necromorphs attack you.
 For you hardcore gamers out there, there is a difficultly level that is truly hardcore.
 You only have three saves throughout the entire game, which is a 10 to 15 hour game, and there are no checkpoints.
 If you die, you revert back to the last save.
 Insane right?
 Having already tried it, I can tell you it will give you a run for your money.
 Overall, this game is worth your 60 bucks.
 It is a multiplatform game, so you can play it on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or the PC, and it has high replay value.
With all of the upgrades, various difficulties and endless fun, it will leave you wanting more.
On the downside, the multiplayer setting is not highly featured and honestly, isn’t even necessary, and the story could have done a better job developing Isaac as a character.
Overall I give "Dead Space 2" a 9 out of 10.
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Issac teaching some kids a lesson in tough love.



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