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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Favorite Games Continued!

Now that we have my top 5 favorite games I'm ready to expanded my list to a top 10.

6. Kingdom Hearts
Mixing Disney characters with Final Fantasy doesn't seem like a good mix, but some how Square Enix, Square Soft at the time, pulled it off. When I first heard about the game I thought it sounded stupid. But after seeing it and then playing it I was instantly hooked. Kingdom Hearts story and gameplay keeps you coming back for more. Incoporating Disney characters is a twist that works. Having Jack Skelington fighting right next to you is an odd, but fun and strange way to play the game. Throughout the game you get Disney and Final Fantasy refferences that know ing anything about both franchise will make you excited to see where the game takes you next. With Kingdom Hearts 2 being out for sometime now and the only updates to the series being through PSP and DS platforms, it makes you wonder where is Kingdom Hearts 3? Hopefully we'll hear something about it in the future, but if you have never looked into this franchise I highly recomend playing it.

7. Final Fantasy X
It may not be Final Fantasy VII, which is arguabley the best Final Fantasy game made, but it was the Final Fantasy game that I started with and made me fall in love with the franchise. I remeber playing this game and I was just blown away with the graphics that this game and its cut-scenes provided. The story is what drove this game on my top 10 list for me. Between the love story, which I'm not always for because most of the time love stories are just too much, and the twist and turns of the plot I spent many hours on this game. Final Fantasy games kind of always have the same plot line. But I really took a liking to Final Fantasy X. With Final Fantasy XIII out, and if you have never played a Final Fantasy game, I would start there seeing as Final Fantasy X is a PlayStation 2 game. But I highly recommend Final Fantsy X.

8. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare
We have all probably played this game, and if you haven't you should have, and we know why it is on the list. Besides Halo, Call of Duty 4 is one of the most influential shooters of all time. Its online experince is what makes the game. With the perstige mode, class system, perks, and weapon customization it was a game that always had you coming back for more. I spent days on this game, like literally days of time, playing its online mode with friends and trying to make a GameBattles team because we thought we were so good and could beat anyone. That was definitely not the case, but we loved this game because it was addicting and so good. If you have never played a Call of Duty game pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops and see what all of the hype is about. You'll thank yourself in the end for buying it.

9. Half-Life 2
A game that may be overlooked by people who don't play PC games, Half-Life 2 is a game that keeps on giving. With the Modifications that players of the game can make themselves, there was always new content for the game. With Half-Life 2 episodes 1 and 2, the story has continued to unfold and is not done yet. Fans of the series have been wondering, when will Half-Life 2 episode 3 come out! Valve, developers of the game, has not mentioned a single thing relating to the develpoment of the game in a while. It leaves me wondering, will I ever get to hit people with a crowbar as Gordan Freeman ever again? With the Orange Box released on the Xbox 360, if you have never played Half-Life 2, pick up the Orange Box. It is cheap now, Includes 5 games, Half-Life 2 and episodes 1 and 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. The game has one of the best stories around and there are not enough good things I can say about the game. Play it if you haven't.

10. Gears of War
The game that set the standard for HD console generation, Gears of War is a game like no other. With the ability to curb stomp your enemies, have a chainsaw on your gun, and snipe some ones head of literally, Gears was a game that inovated the third-person shooter and brought it to a whole new level. Although Gears has always had problems with its online servers and connecting to games, when you played online the experince was like no other. The story in the first game was Epic and had big cinematic moments that would leave you stunned. Gameplay was excelent and strived to be different and unlike any game you had played before. It is going to be a bitter-sweet feeling on Sep. 20 when Gears of War 3 comes out and the series ins concluded. But I feel like Gears 3 will go out with a bang and will be the biggest and baddess Gears game we have ever seen.

There you have it. That is my Top 10 favorite video games of all time, or until later this year when tons of new and amazing games will be coming out.

It was a hard list to choose seeing as games like Mass Effect are not on there and I wish they could have been.

The games I choose are games that have made me the Gamer I am today, and have turned me on to some other really great games.

I recommend playing any of the games that I have on my list, because they're worth your time and will give you a great experince.

As Gamers, we love our games and have our favorites. So, if your favorite didn't make the list or you just want to put what your favorite games are, comment below and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Favorite Games

Today I thought I would do things a little different.

Walking to class today I thought to myself, "What are my favorite video games?" So this post will be dedicated to my top 5 favorite games, and in case you're wondering Farmville didn't make the list.

Feel free to comment and tell me what your favorite games are.

Link, is it really that shocking you're first

1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The game that started it all for me. I remember when I got my N64 and first playing this game like it was yesterday. This game is a classic and is a great example of how gaming has evolved from simple arcade games like Galaga to story driven  games like this one. With the recent announcement of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time coming to the Nintendo 3DS it just brings back a lot of memories of playing the game in my basement and my mom yelling at me to go play outside instead of video games. If you have never played this game, which you should have, the 3DS is the perfect opportunity to experience one of the best games of all time.

2. Halo: Combat Evolved
Probably one of the most popular games of all time, Halo: Combat Evolved was the game that set the standard for the future of first-person shooters. Although the graphics are not as good as its predecessors like Halo: Reach, the gameplay and story is still there. It was a game that mainstreamed gaming. Although it didn't have online multiplayer, counsel wise, the offline multiplayer would be the foundation for the future of  online multiplayer gaming. I remember summer nights just playing this game agaisnt friends, needless to say it was an intense competiton to see who was the better Halo player. Much of what we see in the gaming industry today is because of Bungie, developers of Halo, and Microsoft. So thank you Bungie.

3. Fallout 3
Who wouldn't want to play in a post-apocoliptic wasteland that used to be Washington D.C. I know I loved playing in that scenario that Fallout 3 created. Fallout 3 had some of the coolest weapons like the mini-nuke launcher, which created a little mushroom cloud, and one of the best story lines that I had ever played, it is a game you can't miss out on. With countless hours of gameplay in the standard edition of the game, and a lot Downloadable Content that added to the story. It was truely a game that keep on giving. Besthedia Studios did a phonemnal job at rebooting the Fallout franchise. 

4. Resident Evil 4
 Ironicaly, Resident Evil 4 is my number fouth favorite game. This game was a complete overhall of the franchise. With game play rigoriously changed, it revived a the Resident Evil franchise, which may have begun to be overlooked if it wasn't for this game. A true Example of what a Survial horror game should be, Resident Evil for has one of the most fun and scary stories I have ever played. Set in Europe, you, Leon S. Kennedy, have to go save the president's daughter. And you have to do it by yourself, against hundreded s of zombies. It's deffinitely a game worth playing if you have never played it.

5. Dead Space
Another Survial Horror game, Dead Space literally scared me to death on my first playthrough of the game. I got through the first chapter of the game and i almost quite, but I'm glad I didn't becuase I got to experince one of the scariest and intense games that I'd ever played. With reffrences to many sci-fi movies such as Aliens, Dead Space has enough content to scare your pants off. With the recent release of the Dead Space 2, it's tough to say which I like better, but in the end I would have to say Dead Space 1. If you've never played Dead Space 1 and are interested in Dead Space 2, play Dead Space 1 first. You'll thak yourself when playing Dead Space 2. Also, I have a review on my blog on Dead Space 2, so you should deffintley check that out.

There you have it. My top 5 favorite games. I'm going to expanded on this list to make it a top 10 and I will probably have that up within the next day.

Again, feel free to comment and tell me what your favorite games are.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dead Island would be my vacation choice!

If you were stuck on a deserted island who would it be with? Kim Kardashian, Channing Tatum, zombies? My pick would definitely be Zombies because who wouldn't want to try and survive a zombie apocalypse.

With the newly released teaser trailer for the game called Dead Island here is your chance to kill zombies in a remote location. At least you'll have nice weather while zombies try to tear you apart limb from limb.

You have to watch the trailer for this game. The trailer is shot in reverse which I thought was an interesting twist. The trailer keeps your interest throughout the whole 3 minutes as you anticipate what could happen next to these unlucky vacationers. 

At first glance at the cut scene I thought to myself, am I watching a cut scene to Final Fantasy or am I watching a zombie game. The graphics are definitely something to look at like miss Kim Kardashian herself, but hopefully she wont be in this game because I wont hesitate is she is. If its a zombie apocalypse, I'm gonna do everything it takes to survive.

But that's enough about the trailer just go watch it, its definitely entertaining. What you want to know about are the details on the game.

Dead Island is set on a resort island called Banoi in Papua New Guinea. The resort you will be staying at, and trying to survive at, is the Royal Palms Resort.  Like all zombie movies or games you will be one of the few survivors left on the island and you will have to fight your way through the island with the hope that you will be rescued in the end.

The gameplay will be similar to a game like Fallout 3. You will have to scavenge for weapons and medical supplies because your supplies will always be dwindling. Your weapons will break down and which means you will have to be consistently looking for new weapons and ways to kill zombies.

There are few guns in Dead Island and even less ammo for those guns. So that means you are going to be getting up close and personal with these brain eaters. According to IGN gameplay is a little like this, " With each blow, their already sloughing flesh fell away in sprays of blood, revealing layers of muscle underneath."

Developers Deep Silver described the game as, "dark, twisted and gritty."

It is assured that this game will be more gruesome than any zombie game we have seen before.

Deep Silver described the style of game as, "first-person zombie-slasher/action-RPG."

Dead Island was originally announced in 2007, but the game had no developer. The game kind of roamed around until Deep Silver got its hands on it.

Dead Island is scheduled for a 2011 release, but there is no word on a date yet. Dead Island will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


This family's room service will entail more zombies than they can handle.

Dead Space 2 is not for the faint at heart

What do you fear? The dark? Small spaces? Being alone?
 Visceral Games has done it again with "Dead Space 2" incorporating all these elements and more.
 "Dead Space 2", released at the end of January, is an amazing sci-fi survival horror game that you will actually fear when playing.
 With all the hype that the game has been brewing over the past year, I didn’t know if Visceral could make a bigger, scarier and more mind blowing sequel.
 But it did.
 The game begins as hero Isaac Clarke is woken up from a 3-year coma on the Sprawl, a space station on Titian, one of the moons of Saturn.
 You are thrown right into the action when you are woken up.
 Throughout the game you are haunted by your dead girlfriend, Nicole, and let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a dead ex?
 She serves as the story’s main antagonist and haunts Isaac as she tries to break him down mentally.
I can see why Isaac liked her.
 "Dead Space 2" does a great job retelling the events from the first game.
 On the single player menu is an option to look back at the events of the first installment of "Dead Space." You don’t necessarily have to play the original, but I highly recommend it because it's a great game and you'll understand "Dead Space 2" better.
 This time around, Isaac has a voice, unlike the first installment.
 Giving him a voice only adds to the game as it makes the story more intriguing because you can actually hear what he thinks about situations.
 The voice actor Visceral chose does a great job. His voice is entertaining, fun and does a great job at depicting the intensity of situations in the game.
 Gameplay has greatly improved from the first installment.
 Controls are fluid with no lag from either Isaac or the necromorphs, who are the zombie-like aliens that you fight in the game.
The game is fast-paced from start to finish and will have you watching your back as enemies come from all directions. The action really makes this game survival horror.
 You are constantly running out of ammo for a gun you need in certain situations. You will be fighting for your life.
 "Dead Space 2" as a game is also visually appealing.
 The environments are all spectacular and big. If you have time to stop and look, it is very impressive. The Sprawl is a creepy environment that will spook you as you walk around and wait to be attacked.
 But the thing that makes this game creepy and scary are the sounds heard throughout.
 They set the entire mood of the game and will make your heart race as necromorphs attack you.
 For you hardcore gamers out there, there is a difficultly level that is truly hardcore.
 You only have three saves throughout the entire game, which is a 10 to 15 hour game, and there are no checkpoints.
 If you die, you revert back to the last save.
 Insane right?
 Having already tried it, I can tell you it will give you a run for your money.
 Overall, this game is worth your 60 bucks.
 It is a multiplatform game, so you can play it on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or the PC, and it has high replay value.
With all of the upgrades, various difficulties and endless fun, it will leave you wanting more.
On the downside, the multiplayer setting is not highly featured and honestly, isn’t even necessary, and the story could have done a better job developing Isaac as a character.
Overall I give "Dead Space 2" a 9 out of 10.
Here are some links for some cool videos about Dead Space as a Franchise.
Review of Dead Space 1 by IGN, does a good job at recaping the first game-
Dead Space 2 Teaser Trailer-
Dead Space 2 death scenes, it's what makes the game-

Issac teaching some kids a lesson in tough love.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

After waiting a decade Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is here. The game just released yesterday was worth the wait. An updated, but smaller, roaster of characters in MvC3 offer a fun and flexible gameplay experience that allows you as a player to be creative in the fighting teams that you build. In the MvC franchise you build teams of three that you use to fight other teams of three, which teams can included both the marvel and Capcom universes. The game offers 36 playable characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes. Characters come from such series as Dante from Devil May Cry to  Chris Redfield from Resident Evil from the Capcom universe.The Marvel universe offers characters from Deadpool from X-Men to Dr. Doom from the Fantastic Four. A game like this is a Fan Boys/Girls dream but even if you are not into marvel or Capcom games this game is a great example of what a fighter should be. The game is fast paced and has insane combos that you can pull of with your team. If your looking for a fun game, especially if you want to own your friends in a game and have bragging rights as a gamer, look no more. I highly recommend this game, so give it a try. If you never heard of the game and want to see what it is all about here are two trailers.
Actual Gameplay-

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beavis and Butt-head

Beavis and Butt-head are back! It was confirmed by MTV that Mike Judge popular series will have new episodes on the way. I am super excited for the series to be revived. I can't wait to see the first music video that they narrate. I hope its like Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber because I know it will be hilarious. Even though I am really excited for the series I am still concerned if it can live up to the hype and deliver. Futurama was a series that went on hiatus and came back and the writing kind of lacked for the series. So only time will tell on how good the revamped series will be, but I am optomistic for the series and to see what it can offer.

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