Friday, April 29, 2011

Portal 2 Review

“Portal 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 2007 “Portal,” delivers an experience unrivaled by any other. Developed by Valve, a game maker known for titles such as the “Half-Life” series, “Counter-Strike” and “Left 4 Dead,” “Portal 2” is a first-person puzzle shooter that creates a mind-bendingly fun experience that is also insanely hilarious.
Like the first installment, in “Portal 2” you find yourself in the Aperture Science Labs, which have remained untouched by human hands for some time.
In the first game, this facility was run by GLaDOS, an A.I. who loved to test human subjects, but you killed her at the end of that game.
Chell just doin' what she does best
After being awakened from a cryogenic sleep, you come to find that GLaDOS is still dead and you need to escape the rundown facility.
While trying to escape, you accidentally awaken the once-dead character.
GLaDOS then forces you to test, which involves solving complicated puzzles using the portal gun.
You have to solve a puzzle set in each test chamber before you can move on to the next.
Sounds simple. But that's not the case.
“Portal” forces you to think outside the box and creates a challenging environment in which you must defy the laws of physics.
“Portal 2” introduces new puzzle elements like the light bridges and propulsion gel that help and further complicate each test chamber.
I she misses GLaDOS wouldn't mind
What I love about this game is that Valve could have made a super complicated game, but instead opted to make a challenging game that never feels unwinnable.
The balance of complexity is unparalleled, forcing players to think, but never pushing players to the point of utter frustration.
Co-op gameplay adds to the complexity of the game, allowing four portals to be created at a time.

You and your partner will be this close by the end of co-op

You and your partner will be forced to work together to solve harder puzzles, so teamwork is a must in co-op.
This playing option expands the story, but I recommend finishing single player first.
The voice acting in “Portal 2” is the best the game industry has to offer.
The voice cast includes J.K. Simmons, seen in movies such as “Spider-Man” and “Juno,” and Stephen Merchant, seen on the British version of “The Office.”  Ellen McLain reprises her role as GLaDOS.
These three create a comedic experience that will keep you laughing throughout the entire game.
There’s not much I can say to describe the witty humor… it’s something you'll have to experience.

It drives the story forward as you will be anxious to hear what will come out of the characters' mouths next.
“Portal 2” is a must own and is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.
In an industry that is ruled by violence, Valve has created a game that provides little violence and is just as enjoyable and addicting as games like “Call of Duty.”
I give “Portal 2” a 10 out of 10.


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