Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gotta Catch Em' All, Again?

Sorry it took me so long to post this. I've really busy with school work, but now that the school year is almost over expect loads of content to hit the this page. This summer you can expect movie reviews, game reviews, previews to games, and much much more! But that's all later, here's my Pokemon Black and White Review.
Back in the day there were only 150 Pokemon, and catching them all was and arduous task.

Nostalgia, remember the first episode

With the total now at a whopping 649, how are we going to catch them all?

We all know that there are people up to the the task and people will catch them all, but is it really worth it anymore?

With the Pokemon Black and White games now out, we have five generations of Pokemon.

We've spent more than a decade with this franchise, so where are we now with the Pokemon.

We've got a crappy anime plus games that play the same as the original, and some people are left wondering, why am I still playing this game?

The New Starter Pokemon
Well, Pokemon Black and White is the answer to your question.

Every new game to the Pokemon franchise brings something new to the table.

If its just how the game looks, adding 3D with the DS games, or new gadgets that you can play with, Pokemon games always offer a reason to come back and play the new game.

Pokemon Black and White is different though.

I've played these games since they've been released and the new Pokemon game gives long time players of the franchise something to be happy about.

First off, throughout the story of the game you can only play with the new Pokemon.Only after you beat the game can you play with the full 649 Pokemon roster.

This allows you to fully embrace this new generation and forcing you to adapt to this new region and the trails that await you.

With that aspect of the game in mind, it really makes the game feel like a brand new experience. Granite the game still has the typical Pokemon story line, but it gives it a brand new feel.

It may be Japanese, but you get the picture
The second thing that I think is really cool about the new game is the ability to battle with three Pokemon.  

Hey... bigger is better, and bigger battles mean more new tactics, harder combat, and a lot more things you have to worry about.

Plus there are rotation battles that constantly rotate what Pokemon you're battling with and against, which adds more strategy to the game.

The last thing that I love about this game is how story driven it is.

Team Plasma is a team that actually matters in this game. They are consistent throughout the story and  play a role in where you go throughout the game.

Much of the games interface looks different thanks in part to the C-gear, which replaces the poketech, and is on the second screen of the DS.

Yup, that's a honey wall, and yes it's the bug Gym leader
The Gyms are more exciting than ever now.

The puzzles are more difficult and fully utilize the 3D angles that this Pokemon game creates.

The are honey walls and roller coaster like rides in gyms that add a much needed refreshing  feel to the gym experience.

The gym leaders are also more important to the story of the game. Instead using them just to get their gym badges they will actually play a role in the story.

I wont tell you how, you'll just have to play the game....sorry I'm no spoiler.

Overall this new Pokemon installment is awesome.

It feels new, plays like new, and is the perfect example of what a Pokemon game should be.

If you have a DS and don't own this game, I feel like should question why you own a DS in the first place.

As a kid I used a master ball to catch a Magikarp
Nintendo hand-held systems and Pokemon games go hand and hand. If you don't have this in your game collection I highly recommend you purchasing these games.

I give Pokemon Black and White a much deserved rating of  9 master balls out of 10.


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