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“Easter Seals went through a process where they go through videos and things said and written,” Ben said. “Eventually they called me and I went through a telephone interview and they choose me.”

A month and a half ago Ben traveled to a convention in Washington D.C., representing Easter Seals.

“It is really a privilege to be able to be a part of something like this,” Ben said. “I met people from Canada, Australia, Mexico. It's just crazy to know that you’re actually a spokesperson for the largest nonprofit organization in America.

As the 2012 Adult Easter Seals Representative, Ben will travel and speak to people around the United States. This is not the first time Ben has represented the organization, he was also the 2010 adult representative for Southwestern Indiana. Following his injury Ben received treatment in Atlanta and Baltimore but eventually wanted somewhere closer home.

“I went to a whole bunch of different places for therapy, most of the great places are away from Evansville,” Ben said. “A spinal cord injury isn't something that is very common everywhere and Easter Seals has been able to treat me physically.”

“We’ve been grateful for Easter Seals,” Ben’s mother Jill Trockman said. “Ever since Ben got hurt they’ve been by our side to help him with anything therapy, give us advice and they never asked for anything in return.”

After his injury Ben could not move. Over time he has made progress to the point where he can bicep curl up to 15 pounds and can feel throughout his limbs.

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