Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Picture Nominations for the Oscars

The award season has kicked into high gear and with the recent announcement of Oscar nominations it leaves us with the question, who will win best picture? Its the award that is most anticipated every year. Some years the winner obvious and others not so much. With The Social Network winning best drama at the Golden Globes some wonder if it can win the Oscar. Seeing as there is a trend that movies that win the Golden Globe for best drama don't go on to win best picture at the Oscars. I am still pulling for The Social Network though, it was the best film of last year, of course in my opinion. Not only does the film have a great sense of the time that we live in, but has relevance to the computer age that we are living in. The only competition it has is The King's Speech which I don't think can beat it. The Social Network deserves best picture but only time will tell if it gets the award.


We'll see about these awards this week! Keep writing - you're doing great :)

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